Underground Mains Cabling

Underground mains cabling is very important to any installation. We offer engineering design works to work out length, volt drop, current, type of mechanical protection, copper or aluminium, balanced or unbalanced and how many phases to be livened and future loading.

We work out your maximum demand for your electrical installation.

Likewise, we can install mains cable from 10 m from your pillar box or pole at your boundary to all the way out to 1 km when we completed an orchard last year 2020.

Trenches have to be down 600 mm, if using aluminium cable we use mag slab as protection followed by warning tape. Neutral screen copper cables can be buried directly in the ground and only have warning tape at 300 mm. Of course this is subject to ground conditions, if in rock we require to place the cables in orange ducting.

Call us, we are the experts and can cater for any length of underground mains cable installation!