Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

At Leighton Electrical we install heat pump systems both residential and commercial.

We can install the smaller bedroom 2kw unit or 10.3kw largest split system unit.

We can install back to back units on an external wall, this is generally the cheapest option, we can also install on an internal wall but requires a condensing unit to pump the water up and out to where the outdoor unit is located. This takes more time and more materials but nonetheless achievable. We usually sit the outdoor unit on feet that are mounted to pavers or a plastic base to stop movement. Also have options for hanger brackets if the ground is not level. For commercials we can mount it on the roof.

We are qualified in heat pump split system installation.

Our main brands we offer are Gree which carry a 6-years warranty and Mitsubishi Electric which have a 5 year warranty. Of course we can install any brand the user would like.